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2 definitions by wordupsucker

A black celebrity who is promoting Scientology.
Scientology is not a white religion. It is not just for white people. The black community has to check it out.

That Xenu loving nigger is such an Uncle Ron.
uncle tom sell out cult tom cruise scientology anonymous idiot sucker scam xenu
by wordupsucker March 11, 2010
Using a celebrity or high profile individual to add status, glamour, or recognition to a project.

Usually advertising, a charity or a religion.
If we are gonna sell this shit to the public we need to add the Hollywood Effect.

This cult must be a real religion because it has a Hollywood actor as a member.

I'm gonna buy this product because - insert name - uses it.

advertising marketing public relations voice overs celebrity endorsment religion kabbalah scientology viral politics meme propaganda anonymous Tom Cruise Madonna
by wordupsucker March 14, 2010