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A new trend that requires mooning people with a red painted butt
John: Hey Dude look over here
Jake: What is it?

John pulls down his pants and Babmoons Jake

Jake: Ah Darnit! You Baabmooned me!
by wordtoshad December 19, 2012
Refers to the breast of a woman, usually moderate amount in size.
Tom: Hey joe, check out that girls rack!
Joe: Wow, those are definitely the best Bra Berries I have ever seen!
by wordtoshad September 04, 2011
When one feels as if they have to do something, meanwhile they don't, and the idea rests in their mind until a solution is chosen.

Derived from the word Medulla Oblongata
Your Consciousness: You need to do the homework soon
You: I think I'll go to stephanie's party, and then I'll do it...

-You're at the party and you can't enjoy anything because you feel Medulla Obligated to do the homework
by wordtoshad September 04, 2011
Another term used for condom
Tom- Hey man, how was Friday night at Jessica's house? Please tell me you used a goalie

Mark- Of course man, I don't think it's Fatherhood anytime soon
by wordtoshad July 24, 2011

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