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Describes lifestyle/fashion sensibilities of a subset of American youth—generally urban. Although sometimes ascribed a unique philosophical/aesthetic orientation (or novel lack thereof) hipsterism generally displays characteristics typical of other historical youth cultures. (See: teeny-bopper, hippy, punk, grunge, mod, rocker, goth, and other youth cultures typified by unconventional dress, specific music taste, chronic narcissism, dissociation, delusion, pseudo/anti-intellectualism, and necessarily selective and improbable world-views.) Such youth cultures generally awake—as if from a strange dream—sometime in their mid-thirties, baffled by their own behavior and the origins of several really really poorly done tattoos.
Man, where have you been? There's nothing Ukrainian about Ukrainian Village anymore--its full of hipsters.

Look at this fucking hipster.
by wordswordswordsandmorewords June 17, 2010

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