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Masturbation without proper clean-up afterward. A Gentleman's Nap is when a man masturbates, cums, then uses the underwear he is wearing to soak up the mess left on his stomach before falling asleep.

When one is too tired to get up and find a tissue after whacking off.
Kim: "Why are your boxers so crusty?"
Josh: "I took a gentleman's nap"
Kim: Gross!

David was so tired after his long day at work that he immediately went home and took a gentleman's nap.
by wordsmith444 January 20, 2012
An idiom that refers to the gist, heart of the matter, the point or nitty-gritty. It can also be used to describe a person or thing that is responsible for the inner workings of a larger whole.

Similar Sayings:
Where the rubber meets the road
Mike: "So I went out to dinner with Jen. She was flirting all night and we went back to my place after. We started cuddling....

Dave: "Dude, where does the muscle meet the bone?"

Mike: "We fucked."

"There are many people responsible for this company's success but Jim's behind-the-scenes work is where the muscle meets the bone."
by wordsmith444 January 20, 2012

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