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Refers to disco, house and/or techno music that includes all of the following criteria:

a) Physical - Felt mostly in the booty and chest regions...with the neck face and head regions being caressed by mid range and treble sounds.

b) Mental - Atmosphere/attitude of love, freedom, tolerance, the embracing and celebration of different lifestyles… inspiring one to express oneself through music, dance and fashion.

c) Spiritual - Must have a shamanic quality. Meaning, the ability to guide ones focus inward for a truly deep dance experience. (This dance experience is a very powerful meditation with amazing health benefits. Participants report feelings of elation and extacy, of feeling sexy and real good inside their body, of feeling grounded and energized as well as incredible feelings of releasing, letting go, cleansing, freedom and liberation. In some cultures this healing practice is known as Voodoo.)
The dj is playing proper house tonight!
by Wordonthestreet March 12, 2013
A person who is in-the-know, a social scenester, always about-and-about, ahead of the social curve.
He's a johnny-about-town, always on the scene.
by wordonthestreet October 24, 2013
A single shot, serving or mini bottle of booze, the airplane size.

Named for the motion of the head when draining the bottle in a single pull.
Swing by the store and pick up some tip-backs.
by wordonthestreet October 24, 2013
When the cool factor of something exceeds normal human ability and /or comprehension. Especially if it hurts your head to think about "how they did it".
Wow! This song is cooltarded.

That move you did on the halfpipe was cooltarded bro!
by Wordonthestreet March 12, 2013

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