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A bowel movement that is so solid and so smooth that you have the utmost confidence that it did not leave any remnants in your crack.... thus leaving you to assume that wiping would merely be a waste of time.
My poop was so great that I chalked it up as an on faith no wiper. Boy was I wrong, I should have wiped. Lucky for me I was wearing brown underwear.
by wordman55 July 31, 2013
The act of masturbating with a handful of a cremated person's ashes.
She was so hot before she died. If only I could get my hands on her cremated remains, I would definitely ashturbate.
by wordman55 September 08, 2012
The art of jamming an entire fist into an orifice, usually a vagina or asshole. When performed correctly, the "fistblaster" should be elbow-deep in the "fistblastee". While inside the orifice the fist should be shaken in a dice rolling motion, but more violently, with the purpose of inducing orgasm and shaking out any loose change and/or any other objects such as a lost and forgotten tampon.
When I see Superman fly fist first, I always think he must be on his way to fistblast Lois Lane. That whore can really take a pounding.
by wordman55 August 26, 2012
1. The act of taking consecutive shits in the same toilet without flushing. This also occurs when onsecutive hot piles are dropped in any location other than a toilet, and it is most commonly found in an outhouse at a chili cook-off.

2. Also a nickname for a short stack of chocolate chip pancakes at IHOP.
The couple was disappointed that their poostack count lowered when they moved into an apartment with two bathrooms.
by wordman55 August 26, 2012
The art of forcefully inserting one's penis into someone who happens to be crying and puking simultaneously.
The other day I had the best of luck. I was walking down the road and stumbled upon a young woman who happened to be crying and puking. Of course I entered her, and let me just say that this was the best cruke sex I have ever had. She got tighter with each weeping heaving convulsion.
by wordman55 August 26, 2012
An abbreviation for "My Dick". The opposite of "Your Dick".
All tha hoes be all up on me, they be jocking m'dick.
by wordman55 August 27, 2012
1. The furthest crevice of a woman's vagina. This is where tampons are sent accidentally and are stranded for eternity. Can be caused by having intercourse, or getting fingered or fistblasted when a tampon is in place.

2. The original inspiration for the song Baba O'Reilly by The Who, that refers to a "Teenage Wasteland". They changed the name of the song to make it appeal more to the masses.
Doctor: Hi, what brings you in today?

Patient: Well doctor, I forgot I had a tampon in and my boyfriend stuck his fist in my pussy. I was hoping you could help give my tampon wasteland a thorough cleaning.

Doctor: Oh, wow, I think I can help, but this may take a while. Assistant, please pass me a tire jack, 2 chopsticks and a high-powered dustbuster.
by wordman55 August 27, 2012
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