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Occurs when motorists are afraid to pass a police car while driving on a highway due to a fear of being caught for speeding. Similar to a parade maker, the result is a traffic jam.
Joe: Why is traffic moving soooo slowly?
Bob: Can't you see? We're in the middle of a police chase.
by wordlife18 April 11, 2009
The fruits of labour of a migrant farm worker who has planted his seed in the garden of an unsuspecting local (usually a fat white chick with low self-esteem). After nine months of careful nurturing, a young seedling is born around the time of Thanksgiving harvest. This token of success is an easy way for migrant workers to gain immigrant status.
Henry: You know that Donavon kid from school? Have you ever wondered why he has a fro?

Johnny: Didn’t you know?... he’s a harvest child.

Henry: Oh ok, I guess that also explains why he tans easily.
by wordlife18 October 10, 2009

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