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When you confuse one actor for another by face or name.

A universal name used to replace any other actors name when you can't remember who played a part.
-Kevin Spacey Bacon is my favorite American actor.

-I can't remember who played opposite Natalie Portman, some Kevin Spacey Bacon.
by wordcoin June 10, 2011
A hot Russian woman. It comes from the way they say nerf ball, it sounds like nerth ball. Nerthus was a ancient goddess of fertility.
It's a total nerth fest in there.
by wordcoin May 16, 2011
a fusion of English and Japanese with the literal translation: excrement child
used to denote a foolish or troublesome person
You ate all the cookies, why do you have to be such a shitko?
by wordcoin April 25, 2011
where orgasms come from.
check out that ohole.
right in the ohole.
by wordcoin April 25, 2011
any of the stupid things that you do
I don't care if you got a new phone, or whatever little ponycrime against humanity that you are up to.
by wordcoin April 25, 2011
1. beating up, using physical force or violence against a practitioner of reverse psychology
2. the effects of such violence
He looked down at the bloody man who had tricked him while shaking his now painful fist. "Looks like your reverse psychology got you some reverse biology."
by wordcoin April 25, 2011
Herdling: person who uses the word hipter in a derogatory way
Those damned hipsters spilled coffee on me!
Shut up herdling.
by wordcoin April 25, 2011

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