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(verb) to be very jealous of something that somebody else has.
-- envious
elizabeth got to go to the beer pong party, i'm major jellin.
#jelling #jealous #jellin' #envious #grr
by word_uppp May 15, 2007
someone that has a good mix of being both a red flower and a white flower.
usually a virgin, but doesn't shy away from other sexual activity.
not a heavy partier, but has been known to enjoy a few drinks.
doesn't smoke anything illegal, but certainly has potiental to.
is friends with both the red and white flowers, because they can relate to both.
usually keeps all of the above secret from the white flower friends, who suspect it anyway, but won't tell them because they're so judgemental.
the connections with the white flowers is the only thing that keeps a pink flower from growing darker shades of red.

everything in moderation, usually.
most people are pink flowers, they just don't know it yet.
#red flower #white flower #goodie goodie #moderate drinker #flowers
by word_uppp May 15, 2007
someone who is straight edge and follows a majority of the following critiera:
-virgin (or virgin-esque)
-doesn't drink
-doesn't smoke (anything- weed, tobacco, black and milds, etc.)
-usually hardcore christian
-usually pretty sheltered/ unexposed
olivia thought she was a red flower, or at least a pink flower, because she went to a party and had one sip of beer, but she is still totally a white flower.
#goodie goodie #red flower #pink flower #badass #straight edge
by word_uppp May 15, 2007
1.someone who is a regualar partier, drinker, smoker, has whoreish tendencies, and mixes with all the wrong people.

2. the opposite of a white flower
nicole is totally a red flower, she's at every party and getting drunk and taking off her pants is totally her thing.
#white flower #pink flower #binge drinker #goodie goodie #badass
by word_uppp May 15, 2007
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