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A phrase used to describe the act careening uncontrollably down a hallway bouncing off walls and knocking down pictures on your way. The “Player” is usually found to be in a very inebriated state.
Dang did you see Patty playing hallway pinball on her way to the bathroom?

Yea she was hammered… one too many shooters for her. You can bet she will be doing the Technicolor yawn later… luckily she will likely have her shirt off by then.
by word jocky June 05, 2007
Crang: is to slam into something usually unintentionally, typically in a more jarring and destabilizing way than to just bump into something. To crang into a door jamb would likely spin you off balance and cause you to drop anything you might be carrying and possibly fall down.
Wow did you see John Crang in to that doorway? He dropped his mom’s crystal goldfish bowl, what a mess. Yea, that sort of thing is bound to happen when you are moving into a new house.
by word jocky June 04, 2007
Lurp as a verb describes the act of depositing a fluid or semi-fluid on to something in a less than controlled manner, so as to create a mess. The fluid in question is typically a sticky, slimy, gooey or messy substance frequently a bodily fluid.
At home example A: Taking Zoloft made it difficult for him to cum. He had to spank it so wildly to get off when he did finally cum he lurped all over the place, the head board, the pillows, her hair, her face and her tits.

At home example B: WOW… I must have been working your G-spot just right… when you came you lurped everywhere.

At work example: Hurry up, just lurp that bondo all over the damaged area before it cures. We’ll sand the excess off later.
by word jocky June 05, 2007

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