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1 definition by word goddess

female version of Brian which means strength. Strength of character as well as emotionally and physically strong. Briana is a woman who does not even know the beauty that she bestows upon you when she smiles. Fiery personality. Can be hard on the outside, but beauty and love are under that shell. Intelligent, talented, kind and very giving. Briana may not know who she is yet, but her name will guide her in the correct direction.
guy : She is so strong, can you believe her?
girl : Yeah, she is going through alot, but she is Briana.

guy 1: Did you see her smile?
guy 2: Who can miss a smile like that, it is sooo Briana.
guy 1: Do you think she knows that it has such an effect on people?
guy 2: Nope. There is the beauty of it all.

girl: I wish I had a brain like Briana. She is so intelligent and talented.
guy: Yeah, she has an inner strength and good character, too.
by word goddess February 02, 2010