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A small working-class industrial town situated on the better side of the River Mersey.Often referred to as smelly widnes, however nowadys outsiders entering widnes experience the smell from factories bordering the neighbouring towns,not actually widnes.

Also home to Widnes RLFC "The Chemics" now formerly known as The Widnes Vikings, one of only 9 clubs to win the World Club Challenge

The better of the local North West towns to live in.
I`d rather live in smelly Widnes than runcorn which is full of plastic scousers and smackheads
I`d rather live in Widnes than wanky warrington full of wire chavs and bleached hair bunny boilers
I`d rather live in Widnes than inbred st.helens full of halfwit pie eatin wannabe`s
by wool dog February 05, 2011
Uneducated scousers have a tendancy to call anyone outside of Liverpool a wool or wooly back.

Educated scousers understand that the term derives from textile production during the 19th century in Lancashire, more specifically St.Helens folk.
Ah he`s a fuckun wool lid!
Fuckun scruffy wooly back twats!
by wool dog February 05, 2011
I emptied my gucci bag all over her face
by wool dog February 05, 2011
I introduced her mouth to my purple perpetrator
by wool dog February 05, 2011
Mature smeg build up around the bell end
She said she liked cheese, so I let her lick the baby bell off my helmet
by wool dog February 05, 2011
A scruffy clepto that would rather scrounge for things they can actually afford.
Why is Andy felching coffee when he`s on £30k a year the fucking Steptoe!
by wool dog February 05, 2011
A shit stain left on the bed sheet from a lazy wiper
The maid wasn`t to pleased to find a guest had left her a belgian kiss

She never wiped her arse properly and belgian kissed the egyptian cotton
by wool dog February 05, 2011

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