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A sexual position upon which the receieving end is on all four of his or her limbs, with the back arched and facing towards the ground (note, not to be confused with doggy style). It's best put into an analogy that you're on all fours, and your stomach is the shell of the turtle or crayfish. Commonly done among practitioners of Yoga, gymnasts, and other nimble, kinky sorts.
I'm tired of all the normal everyday mundane sex-- lets make like a shrimp and try some reverse crawdaddy!
by Wookiestick November 24, 2003
a colorful way to say "kick ass!" or "friggin' awesome". Almost always used at the end of a sentance.
"I won 500 dollars in the lotto-- titties brand!"
#kick ass #awesome #cool #titties' brand #neat-o
by Wookiestick February 14, 2008
(slang) a sexually discriminate term for when 2 people who used to have an intimate relationship with each are reunited for the holidays after a breakup, and to "spice" things up they have wild and torrid sex with each other.
"Yeah, last Christmas Rebecca and I got back together from a 6 month breakup. Within a week I had my tongue back in her ass and I had myself a Holiday candy bowl."
by Wookiestick December 02, 2004
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