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10 definitions by wookiestick

1) (noun) a colorful term for a women who takes it in the ass like a pro.

2) (noun) a fictatious porn star from the 1970s. Famous for rear end entry, she took a lotta dicks in the ass before tragedy struck and a penis gone haywire tore up her insides and allowed septic infection to spread throughout her body.
Take a look at dropchute Annie over there-- her ass is taking that dick in like a clown pulling a trick handkerchief out of his pocket!
by Wookiestick June 22, 2004
a colorful way to say "kick ass!" or "friggin' awesome". Almost always used at the end of a sentance.
"I won 500 dollars in the lotto-- titties brand!"
by Wookiestick February 14, 2008
(slang) a sexually discriminate term for when 2 people who used to have an intimate relationship with each are reunited for the holidays after a breakup, and to "spice" things up they have wild and torrid sex with each other.
"Yeah, last Christmas Rebecca and I got back together from a 6 month breakup. Within a week I had my tongue back in her ass and I had myself a Holiday candy bowl."
by Wookiestick December 02, 2004