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To be bothered, or to be in a bad situation. Tits-in-my-ass is used to express anger. Similar the word "fuck", except it provides more syllables for the user to scream it out in anger, allowing them to yell it for a longer periods of time.
1. "Tits-in-my-ass!"
2. "She is some major tits-in-my-ass"
3. "What's wrong dude?" "man, i have some major tits-in-my-ass"
4. "I just failed my math test... Tits-in-my-ass!"
5. "I just got cock-blocked! Tits-in-my-ass"
6. "I broke up with her, but she thinks were are still dating... tits-in-my-ass!"
by wookie4747 April 06, 2009

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