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59 definitions by woody

person who likes Ae
"wheres nast, that blipfuck, doesnt he know ae are on in a minute?"
by Woody January 19, 2003
If you ever need to catch a mouse, get it under the microwave. block any exits with a towel/cloth and then flush it out with a coathanger.
Paul and Taz rejoiced triumphantly when the bastard mouse was captured. Then the fat arab put it outside and it died. Poor little shit.
by Woody November 23, 2004
Usually a club large in size to knock a guy in his nards enflicting much pain
Get that nard knocker away from me!
by woody April 29, 2004
Used by "white" people mocking "black" people's term "bredren" which means homie. Ye.
Sup Bredcrum.
by Woody May 01, 2003
Wog of pronouncing Oh My God
Or mor God Kella Ratziekunt
by Woody April 10, 2005
When surfing the act of turning your board sideways and blocking another surfer from catching a wave
That bastard Jacob just bull guarded me again.
by woody April 29, 2004
Short for The The Strokes Party. The political party thought up By Justin (aka Julian), Woody (aka Albert), Jed (aka Fab), Lachy (aka Nick), Mrs Z (aka Nickolai). Will be joining Australian Parliament in the near future, but there will be no real legislation other than to listen to The Strokes.
TTSP members all listen to The Strokes
by Woody April 10, 2005