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86 definitions by woody thomas

a dream where you are on the toilet taking a dump, and the toilet is somewhere in a public place, surrounded by a crowd of people, like in a shopping mall for example.

I have dreamed of sitting on a toilet that was:

on the side of a busy highway

on the side of a beachfront hotel in Florida (at least the

toilet was facing the beach, so I had an ocean view)

In a restroom, but the restroom was open at both ends

and throngs of people were walking through, and there

was no stall, just a toilet

etc etc

In my toilet dreams, I usually casually converse with

passers-by as I sit on the toilet
I had the toilet dream again last night, and I was waiting for people to go away so I could wipe my ass, but they wouldn't go away
by Woody Thomas January 03, 2010
19 12
A final opportunity to accomplish something, usually after previous unsuccessful tries or else no previous opportunity at all.
This will be the coach's last kick at the cat to win a championship; he's retiring after this year.
by Woody Thomas May 26, 2007
9 2
the feces under you fingernail after you have had your finger up a woman's ass. Often goes unnoticed at first due to the excitement of the moment when fucking her pussy and fingering her ass simultaneously.
I washed my hands but there was still a trace of fingernail fudge from when I was with Sherry.
by Woody Thomas September 23, 2006
14 7
A variation of bingo, but instead of calling out letters/numbers, the caller describes things that can be seen at Wal-Mart, and the players cover squares on their cards if described scene is on a square.


a poopy diaper in the parking lot

a 250 lb. 13 year old boy with his 350 lb. father and 450 lb. mother

an old man outside the store with an oxygen tank and smoking a cigarette

an infant wearing a Dale Earnhart t-shirt

a 30 year old woman with her pregnant 14 year old daughter

an obese white woman with 3 bi-racial kids

in the parking lot, a beat up 1981 van, out of which spills empty White Castle boxes when the door is opened

Wal-Mart Bingo is fun
by Woody Thomas March 12, 2010
10 4
when you blow snot out of your nose onto the ground because you don't have a kleenex or hanky to use.
The cold air made my nose run, so I did a sailor's handkerchief on the street.
by Woody Thomas August 16, 2006
8 2
a light pat on the derriere of a female by a male, usually a co-worker, usually at a company Christmas party
after having a few beers, I gave Michelle a little Christmas goose, and she giggled
by Woody Thomas April 08, 2007
7 2
very much under the influence of one or a variety of substances
Back in my wild days I was loaded to the gunwales every other night
by Woody Thomas March 03, 2006
5 1