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a place such as Miami, Florida or Newark, New Jersey.
Or...East St. Louis, Illinois
Miami is the biggest fuckin' toilet in the country
by Woody Thomas April 11, 2007
a light pat on the derriere of a female by a male, usually a co-worker, usually at a company Christmas party
after having a few beers, I gave Michelle a little Christmas goose, and she giggled
by Woody Thomas April 08, 2007
The most sadistic and bloodthirsty pro wrestler of all time. Used sharp objects to carve up opponents' foreheads and also threw "fire" in their faces. The fire was actually flash paper that The Sheik was somehow able to ignite and give the illusion he was producing a fireball out of thin air. His real name was Ed Farhat and he died in 2003 at age 76.
The Sheik and Abdullah the Butcher had a gore-fest of a match.
by Woody Thomas December 23, 2006
the feces under you fingernail after you have had your finger up a woman's ass. Often goes unnoticed at first due to the excitement of the moment when fucking her pussy and fingering her ass simultaneously.
I washed my hands but there was still a trace of fingernail fudge from when I was with Sherry.
by Woody Thomas September 23, 2006
A variation of bingo, but instead of calling out letters/numbers, the caller describes things that can be seen at Wal-Mart, and the players cover squares on their cards if described scene is on a square.


a poopy diaper in the parking lot

a 250 lb. 13 year old boy with his 350 lb. father and 450 lb. mother

an old man outside the store with an oxygen tank and smoking a cigarette

an infant wearing a Dale Earnhart t-shirt

a 30 year old woman with her pregnant 14 year old daughter

an obese white woman with 3 bi-racial kids

in the parking lot, a beat up 1981 van, out of which spills empty White Castle boxes when the door is opened

Wal-Mart Bingo is fun
by Woody Thomas March 12, 2010
A directive given to someone in anger or displeasure
oh, why don't you just eat some fuck, asshole!
by Woody Thomas August 04, 2007
when you blow snot out of your nose onto the ground because you don't have a kleenex or hanky to use.
The cold air made my nose run, so I did a sailor's handkerchief on the street.
by Woody Thomas August 16, 2006

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