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3 definitions by woodstock hippy

School is a low restriction jail.
Math teacher on a Friday morning:"Smile, Kids,it's almost Monday!"
by woodstock hippy June 06, 2005
hippy is someone who in 1960-1970's lived on the west coast and just had fun...now a hippy is someone who just tries to live in this fing capitalism,triest to have fun,but can't...because JH is dead,and so is my little sad girl Janis Joplin.
Peace-we still love the farm!
A hand on a cock is more right,and pleasant,than a hand on the trigger...
by woodstock hippy June 03, 2005
woodstock-thousands and thousands people together squished in a small area and just having fun-not killing anybody.Thats peace.
by woodstock hippy June 03, 2005