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Normally caucasian, the trailer trash, or trailer park trash, is a demographic that are infamous for their inability to read, use correct english, stay sober and have upright moral paradigms. Generally they have between 4-8 children and do not hold jobs very well. This demographic is comparable to the inner city black demographic, also known as the nigger population.
"Man, that dude smells like shit and acts like an idiot."
"Yeah bro, he's trailer trash for sure."
by woodrow wilson July 27, 2005
A screaming sandy occurs when you're having sex with a woman on the beach. Once you have a good natural lube worked up, you pull your cock out of her, dip it in the sand, and proceed to fuck her brains out. Naturally, you're penis will act somewhat like sandpaper but don't let that stop you.
"What bitch? Doesn't the friction feel good!? It's a Screaming Sandy woo woo!"
by woodrow wilson September 09, 2005

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