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Getting retarded (via either intoxication or by your own lack of mental capacity) to the point that you can no longer tell or care how unattractive a person is, how much your clothes do not match or how poor your personal hygiene is. You may also adapt your entire lifestyle to meet the goals of this poor hygiene awful clothing and sexing up of the grossest human beings possible.
Friend 1: Look at that girl Zach is with is he Jeffed up or what?

Friend 2: Totally man he picked her up at a buffet earlier today. He even went and rented a Tahoe to carry her around in.
by woo!party December 13, 2009
A fatsexual is one who does not have any sexual attractions based on their targets hair color, age, eyes or other physical traits of that nature. Instead they are attracted to anything that is fat. Generally fatsexuals are also heterosexual they simply enjoy larger versions of what most other people find attractive. There are some fatsexuals that are so overcome by their love of cellulite that their alternate lifestyle causes them to become homosexual or even to attempt to fornicate larger farm animals or tubs of actual cooking lard.
Friend 1: I'm worried about him man he just keeps trying to fuck anything he can that's shaped like a bowling ball.

Friend 2: I know I'm worried for my own well being I don't think he's gay but I'm not too skinny and I'm pretty sure by the way he's looking at me he's going to become a bull fatsexual soon.
by woo!party December 31, 2009
The opposite of liposuction, lipostuffin is when a person actually goes through a process to gain fat instead of losing it. Although lipostuffin can be used in reference to anyone attempting to gain fat it is specifically used for those who are attracted to larger individuals, and wish to see them pack on a few extra pounds in order to increase their sex appeal.
Normal Friend: That girl over there is a total babe.

Fat Loving Friend: Yeah she's alright she could use some lipostuffin before I'd go for her though.
by woo!party December 31, 2009

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