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7 definitions by wonderwoman

Origin: Edward
Julia's nympho & a Superman wannabe. Someone who loves Julia sosososososososo much and would die for her, since he really isn't Superman, so yes he is capable of dying.. for Julia.
"Look it's Eddy punching a brick wall"
"Look it's Eddy begging Julia to have sex"
by WONDERWOMAN March 20, 2005
One who kisses ass to get noticed or ahead of his coworkers. AKA: a total suckass
damn, that truax is a buttshark!
by Wonderwoman September 01, 2004
to ooze sex appeal and charm
wow that man is ogdini
by wonderwoman November 09, 2004
Loves animals a little too much.
Did you see that Julyan? She's bangin a chimp!
by WonderWoman February 18, 2004
To be really awesome. To blow one's mind away. Having fabulous of impressive qualities.
"Dude...this mango sandwich rocks the mullet!"
by WonderWoman November 12, 2004
The buffest ting dat ever walked innit
'Whoa Paul is uberbuff innit, allow Ben!'
by Wonderwoman March 26, 2005
Ape like male not capable of acting like a normal human being.
Cuzza is a retard and a dickhead
by Wonderwoman February 08, 2005