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Ever wondered why Ebay is an addiction?
There is a subliminal messege in the title E.B.A.Y.

(E)veryone (B)uys (A)ll (Y)ear
(Y)ou (A)re (B)uying (E)verything
Everyone Buys All Year
You Are Buying Everything
on EBay
by wonderfulwardy April 02, 2010
I am sick to death of people claiming this bitch is talented. She was a crackhead whore and nothing more. Yet people will flock to fads quicker then sheep follow their herds. Can't people wake up and see that she was an illuminati puppet who was killed off because she would make more money for them dead then alive. I think all the people of the world (or 99% of the entire planet) who bought into her music are fucking sad, need to wake up, stop jumping on the bandwagons of popularity and make your own fucking minds up. It pains me to think that my own mother and little teenage sister believe this bitch could be a role model for anyone. Wake me up when it's all over.
Me:- Amy, what words of influance could you give to any young role models out there like my brainwashed sister lily?

Amy Winehouse:- We'll just remember that taking drugs is cool, and if people like your geek of a older brother tells you different, just sing:- "Rehab?... No, No, No!"
by wonderfulwardy August 25, 2011

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