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Kelsey Newkirk
Your a sexy little creature
by wonderbread_deluxx June 03, 2009
A morman that isn't following his/her religious beliefs in the sexual department. In other words, a morman having sex before marriage. Can also be used like "Catholihoe" (catholic hoe) or "baptihoe" (baptist hoe).
"You did the dirty before marriage and your morman? What a mormahoe!"
by wonderbread_deluxx May 13, 2009
The love and/or addiction to updating your twitter.

Stage 1 tweetphilia- Mild. Update what you are doing maybe 5-10 times a day.

stage 2 tweetphilia- Moderate. Not only updating what you are up to, but having conversations in your tweeting and telling everyone how you feel about something. You also have your twitter updates on your myspace/facebook/ect. account.

stage 3 tweetphilia- extreme. Updating everything you do. Updating anything that comes to your mind. Using any possible way to tweet- including from your phone. You have downloaded a twitter app such as TweetDeck to update from. You are addicted. Seek help.
Tila Tequila has stage 3 tweetphilia.
by wonderbread_deluxx June 21, 2009

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