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It's a term use around the world to refer to the Albinoid race. White people call themselves the Caucasoid race, but the rest of the World calls them the Albinoid race.

The people around the World now know something that

we speculated for years: a genetic mutation occured

6, 000 and 10,000 years ago and affected the OCA2 gene,
and that's the reason why Europeans have pale skin like modern day Albinos.
Yuki: That Albinoid looks like an Albino.
Xan: He sure does!
by wolvess November 05, 2011
It's a derogatory term to refer to a White guy or girl. Because White people are hairy like monkeys.
The Japanese use the term shiro-saru, which translates to Albino monkey to refer to a White American or European. Native Americans, Latinos, and Asians use the term Albino monkey in their own languages.
Native American - look at that ugly Albino monkey.
Asian - Look at that Albino monkey eating bananas.
Japanese - That Albino monkey shiro-saru can sure climbed a tree.
by Wolvess November 05, 2011

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