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The past-tense of 'snooze'; made popular by singer-songwriter Mike Doughty in his 2005 song "I Hear the Bells", though not actually invented by him.
You snooze you lose; well I snost and lost.
by WolverinesFan January 25, 2010
A word describing someone who is very talkative, and is also used as a synonym for fluent. Mike Doughty uses it ironically in his 2009 song "Pleasure On Credit".
I've got words, but I'm not loquacious.
by WolverinesFan June 25, 2010
Driver in the Formula One world championship from Germany. Had a difficult but surprising rookie season for Prost in 2000, outdoing his veteran teammate Jean Alesi while also having many retirements in what was a dog of a car.

He has also driven for Sauber, Jordan, Williams and the BMW Sauber teams, and has also acted as test driver for Mercedes Grand Prix, and also was one of two drivers to test the Pirelli tyres developed for use in 2011.

He received a second chance in 2011, substituting in the Renault for former BMW Sauber teammate Robert Kubica, seriously injured in a non-F1 rally event in Italy.

Heidfeld holds the records for most career races without a win (over 170), most points finishes without a win, most podium finishes without a win (13, including one in 2011) and most 2nd-places without a win (8). In addition, he is the record holder for most consecutive classifications with 41.
Nick Heidfeld is a quick driver, but it seems he may not be quick enough.
by wolverinesfan April 25, 2011

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