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One of the best space/yaoi web comics out there. It follows the story of a fighter and navigator, named Cain and Abel, respectively. It is written by HamletMachine on DeviantArt, and can also be found on starfightercomic.com. The first 5-6 panels depict their first meeting, while panels 7-20 describe their first space battle together. Panels following that depict the aftermath of the battle, and some semi-mature content between the two men.

The first mention of Starfighter was in the form of a concept page, posted on August 20, 2008. It has received over 15000 views since then.
"Did you hear that the new Starfighter panels are out?"

"No, I didn't. Are they good?"

"Of course they are! It's classic HamletMachine."
by wolfoftherain53 January 09, 2009

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