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A mother who tends to dress the exact same way as her teenage daughter. She uses the same language as her daughter, hangs at the mall with her daughter, dies her hair non-natural colors like her daughter. A teenybobber may also partake in girlish crushes on highschool boys and resort to text messages as their source of communication with the outside world.
Brian: Dude, Ashleys mom is so hot!

Jake: That because she's a teenybopper dude.
by wolfgang phelps March 27, 2010
A guy usually between the ages of 16-18 from the Willamete Valley area of Oregon whos only excuse for not fucking her girlfriend is because she is to Tom Boyish. Also thought to be the biggest asshole known to man.
Jimmy: Hey dude, are Sarah and Mike having sex yet? They've been dating for 4 months!

Timmy: Nah dude, Mikes being a quief nugget!
by wolfgang phelps March 29, 2010
When the closest a girl has come to losing her virginity is the tip of the penis in her vagina. Does not consitute the losing of virginity for the female, nor the male.
Ashley: He only put his tip in, so technically I only lost my tip virginity.
by Wolfgang Phelps March 29, 2010

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