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4 definitions by wojo

Dick sucking bitches who like to do it in parking lots
That PLDSB is looking for action. Hide in the stadium bathroom.
by wojo March 08, 2005
noun - a female that is not just extreamly slutty but extreamly ugly also. Not to be confussed with the general slut, the Dirt McGurt is an ugly and quite possibly fat slut, whore and or skank.

also know as "Drit Dirt" , "Dirty McGurty" and the ultimate "Dirtus McGurtus"
"dude thats the biggest Dirt McGurt i've ever see"

"DID U SEE THAT DIRT MCGURT!!!"... "oh em gee that was a dirt"

(while passing by a Dirt McGurt)"DIRT DIRT!!"
by wojo December 15, 2004
balls, kahones, testicles.
He's got some big stones
by Wojo February 26, 2004
extraordinary (generally referring to a girl's booty, or budonkadonk )
That booty is better than great, it's budonkulous!
by Wojo August 01, 2003