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ELIF - Explain Like I'm Five.

If you don't understand something, and want it explained in plain language that a five year old could understand. When you ask ELIF, it should prompt the communicator to be clear and concise, without making assumptions about your prior knowledge of any related topic. The explanation should not be condescending.
There was a horse on the fourth floor of my school. There are no elevators. Someone ELIF how that's possible.
by Wobb May 15, 2014
wobb is the bestest thing that ever happend to the world, wobb is fantastic. wobb is ONLY FOUND IN NEW ZEALAND, exept sometimes in america, but not often, because wobb is too cool for americans to handle. if you dont know about wobb you're just not cool. you should be ashamed. everyone is laughing at you behind your back. you suck.
ME!!! im wobb!!! im the bestest wobb there is
by wobb August 12, 2004

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