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Wantagh is the only town with that name. Yea, wonder why.

Basically this town is full of teenagers who are all basically fucked up in the head. Wantagh High School has its groups like every other school, but lets look into that a little deepier. The only thing that is going to be a problem,is the girls who are about to be freshman coming up in 08. The only thing they are good at is the fact they know how to use tanning lotion, mascara, and are familiar with the details of eating disorders.WHS's ethnicity ratings, include 98% white people. The only thing wrong with this picture is about 25% of them think they're black. Some people think they are skinny when they are fat. Some people, ok all people think they fat when they are skinny.Some people think they shuu taukk lykk diss, YEA NO. WHS's vice principal eats more doughnuts then other vice principals.WHS has an island outside with absolutely no grass where whs's kids smoke and where the security guards dont see it " ".

Wantagh kids have done at least 1 of the following every day:
-made fun of freshman because they have to stay in the cage
-gone through the choice of either getting a chicken wrap or a cutlet wrap
-came into the baking room and took food
-been bitched out/chased by an abnormally short woman
-checked out either mr.apfelbaum or mr. hampson
-complained about there not being any toilet paper in any of the bathrooms

WHS has gay senior pranks. We live 8 minutes from the beach, yet everyone never goes. WHS has .5% emo people. If your good at a sport, or get A's which mean you are never called down to 104.If you do get called down to 104, most of the time your in deeppp shit. Being normal is being orange with a skirt up your ass.The woods is where everyone drinks, and then gets chased out by cops.WHS has their own dj " " lmao. WHS has phycos that punch glass windows over girls they cant have. WHS has people who take dumps on stairs. Everyone has been to The Cup.Everyone bitches when levvitown people claim wendys to be theres.You can't hold down a secret in wantagh. and wantagh is WANTAGH not montauk, get over it. and even though everyone claims in hating their school and btiches about getting out, most people end up going to nassau anyways so.. oh well
-Fuck the speakers broken
-Don't worry let's call over wantagh famous teen dj!

*Hall pass?
*Silence, keeps walking
*walks faster

~Can you keep a secret?
~Yea you know me, I won't tell
~No one knows so dont tell.. well, he broke up with me last night
~Yea I know i'm sorry
~Wait..what who told you?
~Myspace bulletin
by woahh June 28, 2007

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