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Variant of Fail Ale; the uber Fail Ale.

Also, manslaughter case resulting from lethal excessive consumption of fail ale (usually forced).
Russ: Rowan, dude, enough with the funky brewing ingredients, remember your last Epic Fail Ale court appearance? Not only were you found guilty of dispatching your housemate’s perfectly amiable boyfriend, the radiation poisoning left in the living room resulted in the ASPCA haranguing you for months over alleged chemical torture of your favourite goldfish, Floptimus Prime.

Row: No, Russell! You said you’d never mention Floptimus Prime ever again! I loved him like a brother. *sobs*
by wmmw May 29, 2009
Condition brought on by excessive use of a Sega Megadrive or downloaded Sega emulator, characterised by extreme hyperactivity.

Symptoms include but are not limited to; insomnia, RSI, binge eating cupcakes, eye twitches and nervous tics. Similar effects can be induced by crushing a coffee bean into your eye or (memo: fact check) overdosing on speed.
Wynette: Mark my words, we are going to beat Alien Storm today.

Louis: Wynette, I highly doubt it.

*7 hours later*

Wynette: Oh no, oh bollocks, I think I’m going into megadrive overdrive! I can't sleep! But I have to beat Alien Storm and then all of Sword of Vermillion.

Louis: We’d better take the day off work tomorrow.
by wmmw May 29, 2009
Smashing stuff to pieces is the process of taking a bludgeoning instrument (or your arms) and combining them with some stuff (any stuff will do) to make pieces. The pieces usually fly everywhere. The stuff is now destroyed.

In a display of insurmountable, pansy-busting testosterone, Rowan grabbed the iron-clad baguette and started SMASHING STUFF TO PIECES. When he had finished, Paris Hilton's flat had been entirely demolished and the dust was still settling over once-sleepy Boringsville.
by wmmw June 01, 2009
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