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83 definitions by wm. wallace the freedom fighter

1. A Timex slogan stating that their wristwatches could take a beating and still tell the correct time.

2. When someone in a fight in a movie is beat up more than what would cause a real person to die, yet still survives and fights back.
1. TIMEX: It takes a lickin' and it keeps on tickin'.

2. Achilles was shot several times with arrows and then I said, wow, it takes a lickin' and it keeps on tickin'. Then he got shot in his tendon.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter February 19, 2008
The amount of time it takes for light in a vacuum to go across a distance equal to the diameter of a quark. About as long as the planck time. If you're really lucky, a hollywood marriage will last a whole month, but as they say on the weight loss commercials, 'results not typical'.
With this hollwood marriage I hope I can at least start to let go of my bride's ring before I get divorced. Bonus points if I can make it out of the church.

I made you waste about 6.28x10^18 hollywood marriages reading this definition.
by Wm. Wallace the Freedom Fighter October 28, 2007
Something you find embedded inside a $8000 plasma TV, after the viewer has purchased a Nintendo Wii.
The wiimote is the next generation of video game violence.
by Wm. Wallace the Freedom Fighter October 28, 2007
An interjection of disgust about something that will never work from recently on, no matter how hard or easy you try. Usually it's an item or idea that has worked well in the past, but is totally knackered in this modern age. Comes from C programs written for an older version of the toolchain which flatly refuses to compile on the newer toolchain.
Going to war with spears?? Undefined reference to _sbrk!

I tried to use sorcery to turn my Yugo into a Rolls Royce, but got an undefined reference to _sbrk.

CoolGBARom.c error: undefined reference to _sbrk
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter October 11, 2007
A half-naked boy with oily skin (but no pimples) who speared King Arthur back in the Faerytale Era. Son of Morgan Lefay and King Arthur. Wears the coolest armor. Blood came out his mouth once Excalibur went into his lungs by way of his chest.
The shiny, glossy Mordred danced naked in the forest, hoping to attract Guinevere. Then Lancelot caught him and made him put clothes on.

Mordred took Percival to the tree.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter October 11, 2007
A technological measure to prevent you, the consumer, from enjoying content that you paid for because it's from another country. Virtually all DVD players have this built in, as well as video game consoles. In the USA , it is illegal to modify a device in such a way as to defeat the region lock. This evil invention allows hated countries (that is countries with a race that is not preferred) to get movies and games last while Aryan countries get them first, and it makes the authentic legitimate original less valuable because of the restrictions put on it.
The fact that there is a region lock on my game console reinforces my stereotype that the U.S.A. is nowhere near a free country.

A region lock is a hate crime on a chip.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter January 14, 2008
Any specific type of thing that is different in a noticeable way, similar to a horse dyed with Jello powder so that is a different color. A new way of doing something.
In 1992 the Sony Minidisc was a horse of a different color when it came to sound recordings.

Well, that's the horse of a different color! <--In the Wizard of Oz when they refer to the purple and blue horses.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter December 10, 2007