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first shit of the day (fsotd) - arriving to work and finding the nice, freshly cleaned bathroom, and being the first person to shit in the toilet.
"Man I had all that coffee and a bran muffin for breakfast, but since I was at work so early I was still in time to take the fsotd!"

"How was it?"

A clean bathroom makes for a great first shit of the day."
by wland January 25, 2011
when you clean up the bathroom toilet and surrounding area after taking a major dump, with the hope that other users of the bathroom will do the same thing - since you'll likely be coming back there later that day to use the bathroom again.
dude, i wiped my seat and changed the roll of paper after my last shit since i'm trying to score some bathroom karma. that burrito i had for lunch isn't sitting well and i'm sure i'll be back in the bathroom later this afternoon.
by wland April 29, 2011
a skilled yet uneducated tradesman who uses physical intimidation and loud voices to scare others (namely employers) into not firing them.

union thugs refuse to adopt modern technology that would likely make their jobs easier, safer, and less costly, due to the fear of being replaced by said technology.
dude i saw some union thugs walking out of their meeting last night. they were yelling about how big corporations were trying to take their jobs and replace them with machines.
by wland April 29, 2011
A man office. An office or workspace, usually located in the home, designed by and for a man. The moffice includes features and amenities that support a man's lifestyle - such as posters on the wall, big screen TV, comfortable seating, and even a kegerator. It's where a man goes to work.

Similar: Mancave in a more business-like setting.
-Dude, are you going to be working later?

-Yeah, I'm working out of my moffice today. Come by for a beer since I'm about to send in my report.
by wland July 12, 2011

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