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The anus of the earth, located between the arse cheeks of the earth; Springvale and Dandenong, (Melbourne, Australia).

Epitomized by high crime, unattractive women, low intellect and occupied by the very bottom of the socioeconomic spectrum, Noble Park can be seen as a breeding ground and hive for some of the worst forms of humanity on the planet.

Noble Park is definitely not the place to go if you wish to avoid getting raped, stabbed, abused, drugged, murdered, have your car stolen, or any other undesirable activity.
Better not walk by the (Noble Park) station at night, you'll likely get stabbed for it.

Yo mate, did you see another body was found in the Noble Park drains, what a shithole.

If you wanna get hooked up bro, head down to the Noble Park Coles.
by wkaj August 30, 2007

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