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Miranda is the innermost major moon of the planet Uranus. It was discovered by the Dutch-American astronomer Gerard Kuiper in 1948.

The moon is named after a character in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', Miranda was Prospero’s daughter.
Astro-dude 1: "Hey, I just read in Scientific American that some Prof. was looking at Uranus and saw a new moon!"
Astro-dude 2: "Huh huh huh, you said 'anus' huh huh huh."
Astro-dude 1: "Shut up, dumb-ass!"
by Wizards Sleeve June 08, 2005
Two words placed before a gross insult. Implies politeness but then delivers a brutal slam dunk to the recipient. Very British.
Dude 1: "You worthless motherfuckin' dawg!"
Dude 2: "You sir, are a cunt."

Liverpool Fan: "Eh, eh! Stuffed yer arse in the Cup Final!!"
West Ham Fan: "You sir, are a Scouse Wanker."
by Wizards Sleeve July 30, 2006
Noun. Huge lumbering creature with massive breasts, ferocious appetite and very slow, ungainly walk.

Derived from Greek: preggo = "knocked up chick" + sauros = "lizard".
"Wow, I didn't see Nicki for ages since she got knocked up. She's a real 8 month preggasaurus now.
by Wizards Sleeve June 11, 2006
This is a district under the government of a prefect (or prefecture) in Greece. It's made up of a number of islands in the Aegean Sea.

According to Greek mythology, the god of the islands was called 'Lesbos.'

An ancient poet called Sappho wrote about love between women about 2700 years ago and that's where we get the term 'lesbian' from.

Apparently, Sappho's poetry was pretty hot stuff and the Christians didn't like it. Little of it remains today thanks to a policy of it being destroyed by those against it.
Greek 1: "Behold! Across the Aegean sail the lovers Clitus Enormos and Vulva Maximus from the islands of Lesbos!"
Greek 2: "I'm hard as a temple pillar already!"
by Wizards Sleeve June 02, 2005
Verb. To stimulate the genitals whilst thinking of imagery of mature women. Strictly forbidden under Catholic doctrine.
Sinner: "Bless me father for I have sinned."
Priest: "Confess your sins my son and let the Lord see into your soul."
Sinner: "My mom had some of her friends round for a Women's Institute meeting and I was serving them tea and cakes. Later that night I indulged myself with a furious session of milfturbation in the bathroom thinking of them in their flouncy blouses."
Priest: "Wicked boy! Say three hundred Hail Marys and scrub your hands with bleach and steel wool!"
by Wizards Sleeve May 20, 2005
A mythical creature who visits women and, with the wave of a wand, endows big knockers.
"Did you see that new chick in Accounts? The Tit Fairy certainly paid her a visit!"
by Wizards Sleeve October 28, 2006
The nipples found on a milf.

Though usually battle damaged from tit-feeding babies, these glorious little puppy noses are a real man's delicacy.
Wow, did you see the milfnips on Estelle! The air-con must have been set to Arctic-blast in her MPV on the school run today.
by Wizards Sleeve May 30, 2005

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