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Bologna on hand. A piece of lunch meat eaten by itself because you are a poor loser and have no bread.

Originated by Metallica in the early 80's, when they lived in their practice space, before they had any money.
No bread, just balogna. Looks like loser's lunch again.
by Withstand December 11, 2005
Drunkspeak for Suck Cocks.
I can't leave yet. I'm trying to get my socks cooked!

Of course I'm being nice to you today, I just want you to cook my socks.

That girl is just here to cook socks.
by withstand December 15, 2005
Abbreviation for "cashed bowl". Indicates that there is no more marijuana in the pipe, all that's left is ash.
Mike: "Damn dude, why'd you hand me a cb?"
Randy: "Well I got a hit..."


Randy: "That's a cb"
Mike: "Well load it again, dumbass, I'm not high yet"
by withstand November 03, 2005

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