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herbies are very complex. they have diffrent peronalities.but there all what make him wonderful. he will never use any girl, or take advantage of them. when the girl is ready then hes ready, and when the time comes to have sex ...you will be amazed at how wonderful it is. youll never want any other guy ever. herbiees make an excelent boyfriend and even better husbands. there kind, loyal, trusting, smart. handsome,funny,hot and SEXYY!,. even though they dont show it. herbies are very very horny. every gril who goes out with a herbie should hold on tight and never let go because theres no other person out there in the world like him! herbies will never fail to put a smile on your face when your sad! also herbies treat there familys very well and respect there elders. they are always prompt to do what there told and they dont disobey from it. herbies are all around great wonderful sexy guys who are amazing in every way
rachel: ugg im in love with this guy named herbie! i wish i was going out with himm!
betty: i know look at him hes soo dreamy!!
Lindsey:look at his abs,his tan, his muscles!!

Morgan: yepp thats my man!:)
by wishingforsnow123 January 05, 2010

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