3 definitions by wish pain on ya kids

What you say to someone who is being a complete dick.
Person: You cant sit there Im saving that seat for my buddy you scumbag!

Me: Ok, wish pain on ya kids.
by wish pain on ya kids August 01, 2005
First off, the word "nigga" has nothing to do with race. Its just a word you call your friends instead of "homie" "buddy" "dawg". Anyone can say it; blacks, whites, latinos, asians, dont matter, and if you think its a word only for black people, then you live in a very rich all-white snobby neighborhood. I'm white and I call all my friends "nigga", even the blacks ones.
White Guy: Whats good ma nigga??
Asian Guy: Nuthin much. *Pulls out blunt*
Black Guy: Yall niggas betta blaze that shit up!
by wish pain on ya kids August 01, 2005
The whitest country in the world (in every way). Its white because of the 12 months of non-stop snow and because the peoples' skin is so hideously white!
Every goth and wigger come from Sweden, damm white people communists.
by wish pain on ya kids August 07, 2005

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