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A sticky glob of nastiness left on the end of a Louisville Slugger that was roughly inserted into the vagina of a fat sweaty woman for her sexual pleasure.
Dude, did you see the mung left on that bat after he fucked Holly with it? Nasty!
by Wiseman July 07, 2006
dumbest idiot i ever seen,a fucking moron.pwnex(ed)

old name: DeC
OMFG!!!!I has Windows Longhorn #2078,#4055,#4058,#4065!!!!oneoneone
by Wiseman April 04, 2004
Idiot,a dumb kid.pwned
OMFG!My dad will kill you!!!!111oneoneone
by Wiseman April 30, 2004
Of relating to the Halo player "Fluid"
See: A Trogger
damn man i saw fluid tha other day he is such a bitch
by wiseman February 22, 2005
An angry blowharded asshole who often loses his temper and screams at co-workers at his place of employment.
Don would always lose his cool and scream at the other supervisors when he was having a bad day. Fucking Fletcher!
by Wiseman July 14, 2006
Reference to Keokuk, Iowa.
I grew up in K-town, but I'm glad I don't live in that cesspool anymore. Fucking town has gone to shit!
by Wiseman July 13, 2006
just shut the fuck up,thx
this event was a period long time ago already,can you please stop bitching about this
i'm not a asshole anymore
By OSdatacenter.com
by Wiseman February 27, 2004

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