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1) To run quickly.
2) An electronic car modification that remaps fuelling, timing, engine speed etc.
3) A potato product.
4) To damage paintwork.
1) I got here as fast as i could, i was chipping it.
2) My car's mental, it's chipped to fuck.
3) Cods and Chips please.
4) Some fucker has chipped my paintwork!
by Wise Man October 02, 2003
An expression for breasts when the owner is over 50.
When a girl is in her 20's her tits are called Melons because they are large, round and firm. When a girl gets into her 30s/40's they become baps, still fairly round but softer.
However, once a girl gets into her 50's they become onions, when you see them they make you cry.
Oh no, i just saw your mum's onions <sob sob>
by Wise Man November 18, 2003
Hey guys, i'm going for a tuna bap, see you in 20.
by Wise Man October 02, 2003
An Estate Agency term for someone who uses hours of your time to view every house available three times, then says they're not looking anymore, also a carpet treader
That applicant was a f**king waster!!!
by Wise Man July 14, 2003
When you are extremely close to shitting your pants and the turd has already begun to sprout it can draw patterns in your pants when you walk. The resulting pattern can be likened to a chinese essay.
Neil: Look at Stu doing the john wayne walk to the bog.
Me: Yeah, he must be writing a chinese essay in there.
by Wise Man October 07, 2003
A substance that helps put all Dentist's children through college.
Damn, i'm losing more teeth by the day!!
by Wise Man November 05, 2003
Irish for face.
Liggature, yeff gutter fierce lekka paira tets!!
by Wise Man July 15, 2003

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