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a big city lots of people a pretty big high school huge population.
parts of Port are trashy but not the wealthy side, theres alot of wealthy side
Lots of people say Ports bad but some part of it is.
Drugs, sluts, bitches, parties, hot boys nd girls, cops everywhere are usually that Port Jervis High School is a big school hot boys hot girls is where it is lots of people good at sports expecially class A school yes it may not sound true but its right on the board in school dah lots of athletes the hot girls are half of them damn
Hot guys, hot girls are what everyone thinks port jervis and DV(stdv) have which they doo woo hoo
Port Jervis Middle School is overly crowder just like the high school but the teachers a pervs in the middle school.
DDMS or DVMS are it to following DV
Sussex Tech Middle School to yum hot girls there
Mercedes and bmw's are always in Port Jervis and snobs and spoiled bitches are here westend is more wealthy so is the 3rd ward nicest places ever house wise nd money wise i fukin
4th ward is a disgrace shootings, stabbings little childern roaming around at night, walking in the middle of the street, teens do whatever they want. rlly bad expecially cuz its big
port has gang members, stabbing, shootings
and borders pa and nj im telling u its not that bad of a city except the summer bad bad
nj is 2 minutes away not even pa you have to cross the bridge 2 minutes also
the riverside creamery is the best hot girls there
Lets go to Port Jervis man.
by winterfresh1234 May 11, 2011

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