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A member of the Miataphiles.
A Toronto/Southern Ontario group of Miata owners known through out Canada and the USA for the large percentage of highly modified "Girly Cars" and their no nonsense approach to member participation in all things "Miata".

Around 120 members aged from 20 to almost 70 and now spread all over the world. This is a tight knit group who would drop just about anything to help a fellow Miataphile when needed.

Generally considered to be a bunch of assholes, but a really nice, fun bunch of assholes.
Miataphiles are the opposite of car pooling, they use the most possible vehicles to get to the same place at the same time!
by winter tour leader December 15, 2009
A culvert buried under a road that causes the rear end of a car to jump up in an unexpected and tooth jarring manner.

The problem is always worse in the times when frost is affecting road surfaces.

Small cars with low profile tires such as Honda's or Miata's react much more than a larger car or truck.
What did you think of that asskicker?
by winter tour leader December 01, 2009
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