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The rag you use to wipe your load up with after beating off.
Don't leave your jack rags on the bathroom floor.
by wino joe May 06, 2003
A homosexual airplane pilot.
The gayviator liked his joystick played with.
by wino joe May 15, 2003
The language that Lesbians use when they are talking to each other.
The all girl school offers a class in Lesbonics.
by wino joe May 06, 2003
A person who uses a plunger to bust up an extremely large turd, so it will flush down the toilet.
Send in the "turd buster". The toilets are overflowing.
by wino joe May 08, 2003
When one lezzie invites a bunch of other lezzies to have sex with her at her parents house,while they are gone.
Beth got a good tongue lashing at the "Lezziepalooza"
by wino joe June 25, 2003
The amount of time that your woman spends sitting on your face during sex. This applies to both Hetero and Homo-Sexual activities.
Beth got alot of face time with her girlfriend last night.
by wino joe June 28, 2003

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