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The Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) is the police force of the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Some of Winnipeg, and surrounding areas finest are members of "WPS Winnipeg Police Service"

civilian1: "know any of Winnipeg's finest"
civilian2: "oh yeah, Jacklin, Kevin, Jason, Bryan, even Jack

by winnipegdude July 15, 2012
When someone is hard to please; they always expect the best, and more; good is never enough; always room for improvement
The student could've done better (99% on test); 2nd place out of 100; 'they could've done better'; I like that person, but their laugh bugs me. I'm such a "hard marker"

A very hard to please person; they're always finding faults.
by winnipegdude January 25, 2012
Aspire: To have a great ambition or ultimate goal; desire strongl
This place should be called ASPIRE; I thought I had good ambition, however after working out at Aspire, I now have great ambition!

by winnipegdude November 19, 2013
a person who prefers chatting about stuff they're interested in; it doesn't even have to be that spectacular; something they can relate to is always welcome
Hey Elaine, where were you?
Elaine: "oh I was chatting it up; chatting it up about nothing really, but was quality filled nontheless
Your such a quality talker Elaine, glad you're my friend

by winnipegdude July 15, 2012
when a person wants to shrink their personal network; network of friends, acquaintances, collegues; ridding themselves of un-needed/un-wanted people.
I have way too many people in my life; need to do some personal house cleaning, so I can focus more on the people who mean more to me.

When de-friending facebook friends = personal house cleaning
by winnipegdude January 25, 2012
term used when in need of a wake up call; slang term used instead of the traditional wake up call; can you give me a waker upper in the morning; when someone needs a favour; needs that important call; whereas they're usually sleeping, and don't want to miss school, work, meeting etc..
person 1: "I have to get up early tomorrow, can you give me a waker upper call"!

person 2: "oh for sure; would you like that in the form of a call or text"?

by winnipegdude October 21, 2012
BODYJAM is an addictive fusion of the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds puts the emphasis as much on having fun as on breaking a sweat
See that Bodyjam class yet; wow, participants look like they're having a lot of fun; "oh yeah; Maria the instructor knows all the moves; makes it look easy"; "isn't easy, she just makes it look easy; she's good at everything"
She is a total Bodyjam Babe
by winnipegdude July 15, 2012

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