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3 definitions by winnipegdude

Aspire: To have a great ambition or ultimate goal; desire strongl
This place should be called ASPIRE; I thought I had good ambition, however after working out at Aspire, I now have great ambition!

by winnipegdude November 19, 2013
The union has approximately 54,000 members and has a long history of militancy originating in 1965 when the union was formed out of the old Canadian Postal Employees Association.
CUPW - they are there to protect members to the fullest! Protection which includes, bullying, harassment, intimidation, and my favourite, wrongful dismissal! CUPW does a amazing job protecting workers!

by winnipegdude December 07, 2013
The Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) represents 1,400 businesses in the district and runs programs targeting downtown image, cleanliness, safety, transportation and parking.

In addition, the BIZ advocates for downtown revitalization and enhanced services on behalf of our members.
Just a tip of what the Downtown Biz does!
Downtown Biz members keep downtown Winnipeg a safe place! Organization always leads by example; integrity = doing the right thing!

by winnipegdude December 02, 2013