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Express you are alive!
I'm so overwhelmed, I don't know what I feel anymore. Tangibilizing a song will help.

Talking to your self isnt a bad thing, it just helps to tangibilize.

TANGIBILIZE! Give The World What You've Got!
by Winnie January 09, 2004
Smoking Cigarettes. Origin: Collegiate School
Shit, my moms just caught me boging
by Winnie April 24, 2004
Create an expression
Tangibilize a song, written word, a painting.
by Winnie April 19, 2005
really ugly shoes or really great shoes worn by really ugly people.
Hey, have you seen Dom's new scoozens yet?
by Winnie April 05, 2004
See pooh juice
Did you go to pooh juice's for lunch?
by winnie October 30, 2003
A short way of saying your laugh which stands for "laugh out loud" usually used when you have nothing else to say when someone tells you something that is "suppose" to be funny lmao, rofl
i was at school and fell
by winnie March 07, 2005
A way of Life. To be accepted in our new century as something to live by. A code to morality.
Instead of threatening me, I wish that Christian people would just hold their religion in respect to themselves.
by Winnie January 09, 2004

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