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rather than paying something out by calling it shit, you call it ruse. this is associated with james ruse agricultural school in nsw australia, where probably 80% of their students are in the top 1% of the state, at reading books and absolutely nothing else. so when anyone displays annoying qualities of a nerd or lifeless study hardout, you call them ruse.
A: "oh man im so stressed about exams". B: "thats so ruse dude"
A: "man i've been liking this chick for a few weeks now but i'm not sure if she likes me back, its keeping me up now" B: "thats so ruse"
A: "i've never been with a guy before" B: "you're so ruse"
A: "i gotta study" B: "fucking ruse"
by winner123 April 16, 2010
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