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1) Sings melancholy love songs at the noraebang.

2) Got a degree in engineering, his Master's at a Japanese university, his MBA from the Philippines---only to become...

3) One of 14 out of 1200 examinees who passed a grueling government exam enabling him to have an exciting (sarcasm here) career as a high-ranking customs official.

4) Speaks Korean, Japanese, some Chinese and knows the Filipino expressions: pangga; gigil; hay naku; sayang; masarap; plus a few cuss words.

5) Spends way too much time at the casino.

6) Depending on who you are you may either be (A) amused, (B) mildly irritated, or (C) have your pants charmed off by his lilting voice, animated expressions, and flirtatious antics. If you chose (C) then you'd have to be Mickey.
For some reason, Mark Kim looks like an actor straight out of Winter Sonata---it must be the white and pale blue coats he likes to wear.
by winglish phone November 30, 2011

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