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7 definitions by winegirly

The evil alien spawn of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. The chosen child of Scientology born 4/19/06.
L. Ron Hubbard smiled an evil grin when Suri was born.
by winegirly April 20, 2006
145 75
Refers to nipples which resemble the size, shape and color of sausage.
"Look at the sausage nips on her!"
by winegirly October 13, 2005
24 5
Molded, breast-like, cupped forms made of either silicone or fabric which magically stick to your boobs and clasp together in the middle. Similar to a strapless bra but there is no back. They can be adjusted closer or further together for maximum cleavage. The most fabulous invention. E.V.E.R.
Ashley, you know that dress I couldn't wear because of the whole "bra issue"? Check it out - I'm wearing sticky titties!
by winegirly April 20, 2006
15 7
The awkward stance a female takes when using a public restroom so as not to directly touch the toilet.

"Be sure to do the pot squat or you may get crotch crickets."
by winegirly October 14, 2005
9 2
Person of questionable origin. Someone who has skin the color of peanut butter.
"I hope the peanut butter people don't buy that house down the street."
by winegirly October 13, 2005
10 3
What the cable company does when they figure out your stealing cable.
"Dude - WTF?! I came home from work today and I've been decablelized. Shit!"
by winegirly October 13, 2005
5 0
When a man keeps it on the down low that he is rich so as not to attact gold diggers.
"Girl, you better go out with him! Hi is totally rich undercover."
by winegirly October 14, 2005
8 8