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2 definitions by winefromthelilactree

The new club that Gideon Graves attempted to open in Toronto before his untimely murder, it reeks of his 'personal touch'.

See Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour.
Gideon's Chaos Theatre is opening soon in Toronto - Random person.
by winefromthelilactree October 20, 2011
2 1
A noun referring to a 'face-neck'; the face and neck area of a person without a chin, there face and neck have no definite boundaries and simply mould together into one beautiful 'feck'.
Callum: Hey man nice feck! How do you shave it so close?
Dom: Cheers! Well I tend just to use hair removal cream, does the job better.
by winefromthelilactree November 27, 2011
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