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The event on Aprils 1st, 2013, when all the Mishamigos (and Misha's Minions) changed their icon/avatar to a specific picture of Misha. This has been spread to many websites, and has elicited an interesting reaction from non-mishas. On this day, every Minion and Mishamigo is Misha, and must refer to each other as such. Gender (or lack of) and race do not matter.
I am Misha.

You are misha.

We are all Misha.

Misha: Greetings, Misha.
Misha: Good day, Misha.
Misha: Do you have news on the Mishapocalypse, Misha?
Misha: Yes, in fact, I do, Misha. It is going well. We have converted several billion people/accounts to Misha.
Misha: Good. Continue with the good work, Misha.
by winchesterboys April 01, 2013

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