10 definitions by wilt chamberlin's penis lives on my groin!

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The reason You will Hate male singers!
I have been told that Te Wiremu's Microphone is infact his needle dick spray-painted! Who would have thought a homo would go to new lengths to get a b.j!
The soft, chubby mound that makes my hard salami quiver as I insert it in her wet, craving cunt.
I cant wait to munch on Erica's gooselips and prove i am more of a man than MIKE SENIOR..The Flight Attendant!
Son of Yoko Ono..a little taiwanese whore, who is really a communist and aided the death of her husband.
I feel sorry for sonno!
Some one who cant wipe the blood stains of their genitals.
I wanted to eat the female ginger ninja out, but i was unsure if it was pubic hair or her rusty crutch.
Used to hold all the male juices that you end up accidentaly squirting into a ho's slot machine resulting in social welfare knocking on your door for racking some ho up, making her have a kid!--poor bastard gonna have to pay!
Before death Wilt used his sack to juice on 20,000 ho's. After death his detachable penis found its way to me and I have featured in many porn movies since!
The tuna smeared face of a man who cant get a real job or a womenly girlfriend.
Mint Cunt Works in the kitchen of Dilworth School, his girlfriend is a 500 pound Maori bitch who finger fucks the chicken before serving it. This due has no life.
Matthew's Dad!
Sarry paints under the influence of V.B!

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